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This website is from 2008. It's very old and outdated but feel free to check out my blog. I will keep this site for a few more years so the links on my Pinterest continue to work. :) 

New website for 2020!! 

Welcome to The Busy Butternut service and store! This is a one-stop shop for all of your culinary and crafting needs. The links along the left will guide you through everything you're looking for, and if you don't see what you need, please click on contact and ask if it's possible. 

A note from Cynthia:

"In 2005 I started Entertaining Forkless catering (, an appetizer only cocktail party based culinary service. It became a huge hit but I also found myself taking on side jobs for additional income and fun. From making a wedding veil, decoupaging historic photo memories into a huge wall painting, organizing a garage sale, bartending on a yacht, gutting a basement, sewing curtains and teaching a private cooking class... I realized I needed to put all of my weird skills into one site.

Why the name the Busy Butternut? When you think of a butternut squash, I hope it brings thoughts of warm buttery pasta or marshmellowy sweet potato pie. Warmth, happiness, family, whimsy and home. Toss in there an extremely hectic schedule and you have me! I put all of my heart and energy into each and every project I take on. A day spent at Michael's Craft Store is perfection. Throw in a trip to the grocery store and it's heaven. I'm not happy unless I'm creating, so please let me make something for you!"

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